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Thresholds for custom rules

Thresholds for custom rules

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When I go to a particular instance --> Agent settings --> Administration --> Alarms...

...and try to search on alarms I don't see any of our custom rules.

Where would I find the custom rules? I'd like to edit thresholds for those custom rules differently for different instances.

We are using Foglight 5.6.11.

Thank you.

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  • Custom rules are not managed by the dashboards that come with the database cartridge(s), they are managed in the Rule Management dashboard. 

    To display the Rule Management dashboard, in the navigation panel (the one on the left), in the dashboards section, Administration > Rules and Notifications > Rule Management.


    In the Cartridges drop-down near the top of the display area, select All Cartridges then enter part of the rule name in the search field (roughly at the same height on the screen but on the right-hand side of the display area) to filter the results (it’s faster to filter than scroll down the list, generally).


    If you can’t find the rule, change the Cartridge drop down to Non-Cartridge and try again.


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    David Judge (Disclosure: I work for D Software the local office partner for Dell Software in EMEA's emerging markets)

  • Okay. For a custom rule within the rule management dashboard how can I narrow the rule to be run against a subset of database instances we monitor?