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E-mail notification tab missing for Foglight SQL

E-mail notification tab missing for Foglight SQL

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I'm trying to configure e-mail notifications for the Foglight SQL alarm rules, but when I follow the documentation to configure them, it is not allowing me to configure notification for all alerts or alert category. The e-mail notification tab that's supposed to be there is missing. The only way I can see the email notification tab is to select individual alert rules, which I would rather want to avoid having to go thru several dozens of alarms and configure each one. The SQL cartridge running is

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  • You could use services.

    The basic steps are to use the service builder to create a catergory (typical your organization name) then one or more (local) services below.

    Per service you can define email settings (incl. filters)

    Then add the your SQL instance of interest to the service.

  • does that actually enable alarm notifications on the SQL even when the notification is set as disabled in the administration page?

  • Yes, as mail alarms via Services is a complete separate mechanism.

    The "Email Notification Settings" tab of Alarms in the Dtabase Administration Dashboard is per rule and per database instance, thus allowing very fine-grain email notication settings.

    Alarms via services is a more generic approach.

    BTW, you can also define services on the main pagage of database dashboard via the Grouping function lower left.