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Programatically locating agents with locked accounts

Programatically locating agents with locked accounts

  • My DBAs don't use the Foglight console as a heads-up display.  There are often times when an account gets locked due to various reasons after a few failed attempts (i.e. - timeouts) that result in our monitoring being compromised.  Ideally, the DBA would respond to the event and take appropriate action but often times they misunderstand what the alert is telling them so they simply check that the database is up and close the ticket.  Meanwhile, the account is locked and no monitoring is being done until someone unlocks it.  This has burned us many times.

    I am well verse at Groovy and the inner workings of the Foglight topology models.  I'd love to find some object, property, or metric which can tell me when an agent's accounts have been locked.

    We are still running 5.5.8, so we don't have the added complexity of the Credentials and Lockboxes yet...

  • May be this can help you, not to get the status but force unlock :

    scope :

    Agent:type like "DB_%"

    Rule condition :

    println("Attention, Attention!!!! Support Dashboard Function \"unlock\" Was Triggered.");
    server.get("AgentCallbackService").invokeCallback(scope.agentID,"unlockOsConnectionLogin",  [] as Object[]);
    server.get("AgentCallbackService").invokeCallback(scope.agentID,"unlockDbConnectionLogin",  [] as Object[]);
    return false;