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Foglight Uptime/Availability Report

Foglight Uptime/Availability Report

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I'm looking to create a report that provides information with regards to the uptime/availability of our Foglight servers. As an example, if our development server goes down from 12-1 and then again from 3-3:30, the production server would show on the report that it was down for a little more than 5% of the day.

My first attempt at this was through creating a new group in the Service Builder page, where in I've added the hosts of the other Foglight servers (where I've placed OS agents so they can monitor one another). Through this I was hoping to use the Availability graph that can be found by hovering over the 'Service Level Compliance' image for the corresponding group. That being said, I'm having trouble figuring out what components should be inside, and how to create the corresponding report. 

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  • Hi Dillon,

    When I am asked this kind of question I usually reply with the following question:

    How do you define "uptime/availability"?

    The reason for that question is that different people measure availability in different way.  In your example, if the O/S running enough to consider your FMS to be available?  What is the switch to which the FMS is connected fails?

    Best regards,

    David (I work for Dell)

    David Judge (Disclosure: I work for D Software the local office partner for Dell Software in EMEA's emerging markets)