I am new(ish) to Foglight and I will try to give as detailed explanation as possible of what I am need of doing. If you have any questions or need more clarification, please let me know.
NOTE: I am not a DBA, which is likely why I cannot find this information in Foglight.

We have had our Redo log writing consuming a lot of the total % wait time on our DB and I want to create a report for a specific time that will show me the SAME metric composition and the same "percent of overall sessions" as the other.

For example, our performance overview is showing the following: Redo wait is showing at roughly 4% now, but was at the time I am interested in sitting steady at around 67%, but I digress. I am trying to run a report to show ONLY this Redo Wait metric over a given time.

The  main problem I am running into is that, when building a report and scouring all of the available metrics, there is no simple "Redo Wait" to select and run the report on. I am unsure which metrics are making up this percentage and how to combine them to pull all of that information as a single consumption percentage.

Thus far I have been able to dig into the "All Wait Events" and find the following events related to the Redo Wait:

event names:

        log file sync
        event name: log file parallel write
        event name: log file sequential read
        event name: log archive IO

However, not all of these metrics are listed and when I try to run the couple that are there, I am returned a graph that looks like the above, but has what appears to be minutes sustained on the right side with my metric on the bottom.

The main goal here is to be able to pull out the Redo Wait seen above in the screenshot and report on it by itself. Does anyone have any idea how this might be done? I am able to build a report with no issues, but finding the data I want and displaying it the way I want is becoming cumbersome and I am spinning my wheels.