I am trying to setup Foglight 5.6.5 to alert and notify when a SQL Server database data file that has auto growth turned off is reaching a certain threshold.  I would like an email notification as well.  I thought that the builtin rule DBSS - Fixed Data File Used would do what I want so I configured email notifications for this rule but I am not getting alerted like I need.  I also enabled the rule in Global Administration as well.

Is this the rule I need, or am I completely missing the intent?  I need this to be alert to be sent relatively fast if this situation occurs.  Right now, I am getting no alerts at all when I test.

The Documentation says:

Fixed Data File Used
Foglight for SQL Server fires an alarm when a fixed size data file in any database almost fills its predefined capacity and the file cannot automatically grow enough to resolve this issue.
Possible States

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.