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Foglight Agent Manager has reached its monitoring capacity limit

Foglight Agent Manager has reached its monitoring capacity limit

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I was trying to add a monitor for a new SQL Server instance to the Foglight for SQL Server plugin. I received the message:

"The selected Foglight Agent Manager has reached its monitoring capacity limit. It is highly advisble to select another agent manager for deploying addition agent or increate the monitoring memory resources of the select Agent Manager, based on the setttings defined in the SQL Server Tuning and Sizing guide."

The Tuning and Sizing guide has some recommendations, but they're not clear.

I do have both Foglight Management Server and Foglight Agent Manager installed on the same machine. It is a 64-bit machine with 12GB RAM. It looks like I just have to modify 2 separate config files.

To server.config, I would add:

foglight.vm.option0 = "-Xms2048m";
foglight.vm.option1 = "-Xmx2048m";

and to vm.config, I would add:
vmparameter.0 = "-Xms1024m";
vmparameter.1 = "-Xmx1024m";

That should cover up to 100 instances. Is that all I need to do? Do I have to restart the Foglight service? I'd like to be careful with this as we only have a production monitoring environment. Thanks!

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  • Changing memory settings on the management server config file requires a restart of the FMS so the server is started with the new settings. One thing to note is that the documentation you referenced clearly states that these are minimum numbers, it is quite possible that your FMS was already sized for more than 2GB memory and this does not mean you need to reduce your FMS memory settings. 

    The figures laid out in this guide indicate the absolute minimum requirements for running Foglight for SQL Server. Environments with an extremely large number of databases, logs, or tables may require additional hardware resources in order to function optimally. Please bear in mind that consideration must be taken for the resource requirements of the host operating system and for any other applications running on the host server. For virtual environments, using dynamic memory allocation is highly inadvisable, as it can have a negative impact on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) performance.

    Same thing for the fglam, a change in the fglam memory settings requires a fglam restart so the fglam is started with the new memory settings. 

    Hope this helps. 


  • The parameters are all commented out in my files. I am assuming this means some default values are being used. How can I find out what these are? Can I assume they are lower than the lowest recommended settings in the hardware sizing guide?

  • If you look in the Foglight Management Server Log file (usually Quest Software\Foglight\logs\

    you will see a line that has this XMS and XMX parameters)

    This is from my machine.


    VM Options:



    (more lines)


    This will indicate the memory settings for your FMS.




  • I've found what appears to be a stack dump called "ManagementServer_ThreadDump_2014-02-12_113651.log". In that file I see parameters like you have listed above. I also have the same values of 4096 for both. So, this sounds like FMS has enough memory. It must be just the Foglight Agent Manager that needs more RAM. Are there similar log files for that? I have looked through the whole directory structure and don't see any that are FglAM related.

  • The log file for fglam is in a location similar to this


    It is called FglAM_<Date and time stamp>.log


    And should have similar parameters (XMX XMS).