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Advisories Instance

Advisories Instance

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Can anyone tell me what the Advisories Instance alarm looks at please as I cannot find it documented anywhere and I have one triggering but cannot identify what it is triggering on.


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  • Advisories are generated by the Foglight Performance Analysis for SQL Server product, which can be integrated w/ Foglight. Clicking on the alarm drilldown link, or opening the Foglight Performance Analysis desktop client will allow you to view the details of the advisories.

    If you do not wish for Advisory alarms to be raised in Foglight, you can disable this alarm.

  • Thanks Jason, I can follow the link but the most detail I can find is the dbfile_config_observed but it there doesn't appear to be any detail that I can navigate to showing which database or what issue (and at this point I'm surprised it is only picking up one issue so I'm also wondering if there is some documentation listing what is examined as it's a useful measure because so many people could create databases so keeping an eye on the quality of what is being generated is useful).