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Foglight reporting logshipped databases as not backed up

Foglight reporting logshipped databases as not backed up

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"DBSS - Days Since Last Backup" is picking up log shipped secondary databases as not being backed up which is generating unwanted alarms, can anyone tell me a way to get the function to remove logshipped secondaries from consideration?



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  • Hi Chris,

    try to add the condition belwo lines. it will check only Database is only normatl condition , in case of Database is in Restoring/ Readonly mode this rule is not going to validate. in that case we can avoid to verify the Logshipping dataases.

    if (#db_status# == "Normal")
      return true;  <! write your Rule Code Here..!>

  • How can I change this alarm to warn me after 8 days as warning and after 16 days as critical? Can I set up different copes of this alarm for different databases?

  • Hi,

    Yes you can adjust the days when the alarm will be triggered.

    It can be done through the agent administration alarms configuration.

    You need to select the instance in the Databases global view and enter through the settings button (in the table toolbar) to the administration alarms section or through the configure alarm button if you have the latest databases cartridge (in the table toolbar).

    In the alarms select the DBSS - Days Since Last Backup alarm and you will be able to see the thresholds for it on the right panel, just press the edit and enter which amount of days for each severity.