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Looking for a Database Data Space Used Chart for SQL Server Databases in Foglight

Looking for a Database Data Space Used Chart for SQL Server Databases in Foglight

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I have been trying to create a custom report that shows all the databases space used of a selected SQL Server instance but no luck.

Our management wants to know how the databases are growing for a period of time ( they want to look for a year worth of growth rate ).

I tried creating a report using all the data from foglight by using the individual database files but no luck.

Can anyone help me do this ?

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  • Hi Bhagya,

    The data is available for you at the "Databases View" --> Database History.

  • Hi Itai,

    Thank you for the reply, I looked at the data and I cannot see any view called Database History. When I expand the Databases View, I can see only the databases list for that instance and not thier history. We are on Foglight 5.5.5 version but our Dev is on Foglight 5.6.4 version and could not find in both of them.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Bhagya.

    Attach print screen.databases.jpg

  • Thank you Itai,

    I know this place where it displays the information but I am looking to create a Report where I can show a graph for all the databases in that instance and their growth rate. Also, I am looking for Data file used space not the log used %.

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  • The databases that appear in this graph are the ones that are selected in the grid above.  If you wish to see all databases, click the "Select All" button in the list of databases, and then select "Submit".  You will then see that all databases are shown.

    To switch the metric that is graphed, click on the metric name as shown in the screen shot.  One of the options is "Data File Size".  This will show you the growth of all databases.


    If you are interested in a dashboard and report that are a bit more built for this purpose, you should take a look at the Database Expansion Pack that is avaiable at the following link: http://communities.quest.com/docs/DOC-13697.  This pack includes a set of additional dashboards and reports designed to compliment the dashboards/reports that come with Foglight.  In this pack, there are a few dashboards/reports titled Capacity Planning.  These show database growth, as well as forecasted size based on historical growth.

  • I also recommend you take a look at the video's below.  These short (~5 minute) video's walk through a custom dashboard/report scenario showing you how to build a SQL Server Database Growth report.  If you'd like to learn more about the custom dashboarding/reporting process, while building a meaningful report at the same time, these video's should help.  I'd recommend watching the video's in order.

    1) http://www.quest.com/tv/Products/Foglight/1733785388001/How-to-Create-Custom-Dashboards-with-Foglight/Video/ - Creating custom dashboards overview

    2) http://www.quest.com/tv/Products/Foglight/1733997239001/How-to-Track-SQL-Server-Database-Growth-with-Foglight/Video/ - Creating a Database Growth Dashboardhttp://quest.com/tv/Products/Foglight/1733997239001/How-to-Track-SQL-Server-Database-Growth-with-Foglight/Video/

    3) http://www.quest.com/tv/Products/Foglight/1750264227001/How-to-Create-Custom-SQL-Server-Database-Growth-Reports-with-Foglight/Video/ - Turning a dashboard into a report that can be scheduled and automated.

  • Thank you Jason for the reply. The dashboard you are talking about displays the Allocated Data File Space information for a database and I know this part on the screen you mentioned above.

    I am looking for the Used Data Space graph ( this information is available only in the tabular form in that dashboard not in graphical form ).

    I have customized some reports using the metrics that are available in Foglight but I could not get a metrics where I can get the Used Data Space information for the databases.

    I found the below link which helped me a bit but when I did the same on our system it did not display any data, but that doesn't make sense since it displays the information in the Database dashboard but when I do it in custom report it doesn't display the information.


  • Hi Jason,

    Do we need to purchase "The Database Extension Pack cartridge" or is it free for our Foglight where we have licenses for our databases ?

  • The database expansion pack is free for any customer of Foglight.  Feel free to download and add it to your deployment.

  • The same "Database" dashboard can present this information on the "Data Files" tab.  See the screenshot below.

    Data Used Space.PNG

  • Thank you Jason for the information but unfortunately the report we are looking for is not what the videos are showing.

    We couldn't get this report even in the new Foglight 5.6.7 and this is one of the important Database trend we really would like to see in the Workload report that foglight gives us.

    Since we could not get this report from Foglight, we planned to use SQL Server Reporting Tool to build it.