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Capacity trending report

Capacity trending report

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Anyone have a report that shows capacity trending by instance for CPU, memory, and disk?  I know the canned reports can show a snapshot of utilization, but I need something that shows the growth pattern over time.



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  • Hey Jon,

    There are a bunch of dashboards/reports available in the Database Expansion Pack that I created.  Assuming you are using Foglight 5.6.4 or higher, I recommend you take a look at the cartridge referenced in the document below:

    There are individual dashboards for CPU/Memory/Disk/Etc as well as an "Enterprise Resource Utilization Summary" report that trends several performance counters over any time range.  If you need any help with the cartridge or have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.



  • Thanks Jason!  This looks to be just what I am looking for.  Unfortunately, my version of Foglight is a bit dated but I was planning on upgrading in April anyway.


  • Hi Jason,


    I also want to use dashboard/report for Resource utilization. I am using Foglight 5.6.11.

    the link you posted is not working:

    Can you please post a working link?

    Thanks in advance


  • Looks like the cartridge has been moved... you can now download it at the link below: