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Most important SQL alarms to keep an eye on

Most important SQL alarms to keep an eye on

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Hello all, as a new user to the foglight/SQL environment, I would like to get an idea from the community what alarms within the SQL environment help them the most for troubleshooting performance and reliability issues? Also, is there a way to change the password on all the agents in the environment from within the console as opposed to logging onto each server and doing it there?


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  • This appears to be an old question, however for anyone that may be viewing:

    The alarms to keep an eye on are a bit depending on the requirements that you have for monitoring, and/or the gaps that you may be trying to fill with your enterprise monitoring tool.  Generally speaking I break down alarms into a few categories and pick those categories that I am interested in:


    • Usability Connection Availability
    • Usability OS Connection Availability
    • Instance Availiability
    • Unavailable
    • SQL Server Agent Status


    • Days Since Last Backup
    • Days Since Last Backup - No Backup
    • Cluster Failover
    • Availability Group Performed a Failover
    • Availability Group Replica is not Online
    • Availability Group Database is not Failover Ready
    • Availability Replica is not Synchronizing
    • Log Shipping Failures
    • Database Mirroring Role Change
    • Database Mirroring State Change


    • Jobs Failed
    • Disk Percentage Used
    • File Group Utilization
    • Log Files Utilization


    • Process CPU Utilization
    • Virtualization Overhead too High
    • Page Life Expectancy
    • Long Lock Running

    As far as changing the password for all agents, simply select all of the agents in the Databases dashboard (using the "Select All" option), and then launch "Agent Administration".  Once there, navigate to the "Connection Details" section, and make whatever login/password changes you need.