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I just want a simple report...

I just want a simple report...

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when I'm on the "Instance View" for "History", i can get a LOVELY graph in the middle of the pate under "overveiw" for things like Lazy Writes Per Second, or Paging per second...I can't find a way to generate a report that will give me those graphs.  All the reports seem to do is give relatively useless things like "Total lazy writes" or somehting...and there doesn't appear to be a way to actually export or even get a usabel screen print of it!

At 9:30 AM I had what appears to be almost 90 paging operations per second.  It's on the graph on the page but nowhere else!


What is the best way to get this information?



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  • We have an option to generate the report or Schedule the report in PA. you can use that option.

    if you need help on that let me know.