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Long running Query Alert

Long running Query Alert

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Is it possible to add addtional key words into the alert that is generated in the SQL - Long running SQL Alert. The default is

SPID {{key}} has been executing for {{toPrettyDuration(LongRunningSQL.total_elapsed_time_sec)}}. Query Text: {{LongRunningSQL.query_text_short}}

But ideally would like to capture the user/application running the query. Is there a list of userable keywords or is that just limited to what is setup as default.

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  • Martin,

    At the moment the only identification of who is running the SQL that is collected is the session id.

    This can be referenced as {{LongRunningSQL.session_id}}

    I've raised Change Request 13494 to add this information as an enhancement.

    Rob Griffin

  • Hi,

    I am also looking for User and application in the alert message. Please help.