Experiencing scalability isues with FL for SQL Server (ver.5.5.5) - Foglight for Databases - Foglight for Databases - Dell Community

Experiencing scalability isues with FL for SQL Server (ver.5.5.5)

Experiencing scalability isues with FL for SQL Server (ver.5.5.5)

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I am currently running a pilot program for FogLight for SQL Server with a fairly large client. We are intending to monitor approx. 170 database instance with roughly 1250 databases. We are using a server with 8 cores and 32GB memory, based on Windows 2008R2 ent. + SQL 2008R2. Most of the monitored instances are based on Windows 2000 + 2003 and SQL 2000 + 2005. Lately we have been experiancing issues with stability of the server. The Foglight server becomes completly unresponsive and we then need to reboot the box to get is going again. This is a serious problem for us and for the pilot, as you can imagine. We are working with Quest to get to the root cause of the problem, but we do have some serious concerns now. Based on these concerns I wouls like to get in touch with FL admins that currently manage envirioments with similar or larger numbers of instances. If you are such an admin, please drop me an email (or respond here) with your experiences.

Thank you in advance.

Martijn van der Munnik
Consultant SQL Server and infrastructure

Statistics Netherlands

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  • One thing I will mention is that the version of Foglight you are currently running is considerably old.  Without knowing more about the specific issues you are experiences I would certainly recommend looking at the latest release (5.6.7).  Also ensure that you are using external Foglight Agent Managers that have been configured according to the tuning guide w/ the appropriate amount of memory.


    It sounds like you are already working with some folks from Quest/Dell, but in case anyone else views this message on the forum, FGLAM tuning is typically what I start with in large scale deployments.  For a more detailed architecture assessment, we typically recommend the guidance of our Professional Services department.