Here are the top 10 reasons NOT to build a Halloween Dashboard with Foglight:

#10 - I don't know how to drag and drop.
#9 - I can't find a good background image.
#8 - I don't like dashboards, I miss the green terminal.
#7 - Last time I built a dashboard I ate the Jelly beans.
#6 - If I built a fun dashboard everybody will want to use it.
#5 - My mouse ate my monitor.
#4 - Last time I looked at the spinners I was hypnotized.
#3 - I don't like fun.
#2 - I use TOAD and I thought it was called Frog-lite.
#1 - I am too scared of skulls and pumpkins.

Since there really is no excuse NOT to build a fun Halloween Dashboard with Foglight, I hope you find this video fun and useful.