As your customers become more distributed and application requirements more diverse, delivering IT services to their branch and remote offices becomes increasingly difficult. Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX helps you to address this challenge by converging servers, storage and networking functionality into a single, office-optimized chassis. Integrated, pretested and certified, VRTX delivers a complete technology platform that you can deploy smoothly and your customers can operate confidently. PowerEdge VRTX can offer your customers unprecedented simplicity, efficiency and versatility within any office environment.

A challenge remains, however, when your customers with remote and branch offices need to communicate with one another, to centralize data centers, and to access cloud services over a Wide Area Network (WAN). Limited WAN bandwidth, latency due to distance, and poor network quality can hurt their employee productivity and jeopardize strategic initiatives like offsite data replication.

To overcome these common networking challenges, Dell has partnered with Silver Peak. Silver Peak offers software-based WAN optimization that eliminates the complexity of dedicated WAN optimization hardware and reduces overall costs of long-distance networking and data acceleration for your customers.

Download the asset below for additional information and for a technical deep dive:

Dell PowerEdge VRTX WAN Optimization with Silver Peak: A Dell Reference Architecture and Solution Guide

About: This document details the joint solution, benefits, and joint solutions architecture of Silver Peak Virtual WAN Optimization and Dell PowerEdge VRTX.

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2)      What do you think are the advantages of software-based WAN optimization?

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