There’s a great deal of buzz this week around the launch of Dell Wyse Cloud Connect: a portable cloud-access device that allows users to access their favorite work or personal desktops, apps, and data from any screen with a HDMI input. Being a Dell employee as well as a self-proclaimed gadget geek, I had the pleasure of participating in the Cloud Connect beta over the past few months which allowed me to gain an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of using Cloud Connect on a daily basis.

Although we’ve released a large amount of details, tech specs, and more around Cloud Connect to coincide with the launch, I thought I would share some “insider” details that may not surface from reading a PR blurb or browsing a web page based on how I’m using Cloud Connect at home on my living room HDTV.

  • Cloud Connect features dual-band 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, meaning you can take advantage of the vast bandwidth of the 5 GHz wireless spectrum to enable a great user experience when accessing your desktop or apps via PocketCloud, Citrix Receiver, or the VMware Horizon View client. Oh, and it also gives you crystal-clear HD video streaming when you’re browsing Netflix in your downtime.


Watching Netflix via Cloud Connect to get my superhero fix

  • It features a MHL connector, which means not only can you connect the device to any standard HDMI port, but if you have a newer monitor, HDTV, or A/V receiver that has a MHL port, you won’t need a separate power cable. This is a game changer if you’re like me and your backpack contains 10 different charging cables and adapters to use when on the road.

Cloud Connect connected to the MHL port of my A/V receiver

  • It’s easy to manage using Dell Cloud Client Manager. As a systems management newbie, I was at first intimidated to login to the web console to activate and manage my personal Cloud Connect device, but I found it was super-intuitive and simple to learn how I could lock down or wipe my device in only a few clicks.

The Cloud Client Manager UI is clean and intuitive

  • Unlike some competitive offerings, Cloud Connect includes full access to the Google Play Store. Of course this access can be turned on or off based on how IT wants to set policies, but this feature really helps to bridge the divide from having a rigid (and ultra-secure) work-access device to a true “best of both worlds” device that strikes a perfect balance between work and Play (no pun intended).   It was pretty cool to go straight from accessing my work apps to cranking Spotify and playing a heated game of Fruit Ninja.


  • Pairing a wireless keyboard and mouse was pain-free. During initial setup I simply pulled out my handy Logitech K810 bluetooth keyboard and Dell wireless mouse and using the on screen prompts I was able to pair and begin using both within seconds.


  • Navigating through Android with a keyboard and mouse is easier than you’d think. Cloud Connect features unique UI elements that make moving from app to the home screen to the app drawer easy as the Android soft buttons are always at the bottom of the screen to help guide you.

My customized home screen- only the essentials!

Last but not least, I present to you the coolest aspect of Cloud Connect:


55 inch Outlook!!!!

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Connect, I invite you to visit the Dell Wyse Partner Portal and register to attend the partner-exclusive Cloud Connect webinar on February 18th.