Your customers with remote and branch offices (ROBOs) require infrastructure with enterprise-class features to support virtualization and to run high-end applications. At the same time, they require simplified and efficient management capabilities that suit the (often limited) skill-sets and resources available at these remote and branch locations. Fortunately, using Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX fully-integrated solutions platform you are now equipped to meet the unique needs of these customers.

Familiarize yourself with the whitepaper “Remote and Branch Office Reference Architecture for VMware vSphere with Dell PowerEdge VRTX”, which describes a reference architecture solution designed to provide a virtualization infrastructure based on VMware vSphere. The solution is targeted at remote and branch offices, although your other small business customers may also benefit from it. The architecture has been designed and validated by Dell™ Engineering based on PowerEdge VRTX platform, Dell PowerEdge M620 servers, Dell Networking 5524 switches, and VMware® vSphere® Hypervisor. The white paper provides recommended settings to integrate within the infrastructure, certain recommended lifecycle management components for infrastructure management, cloud connectivity, and data protection. These components include VMware vCenter Server™, Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter™, Dell OpenManage™ Essentials, VMware vCloud® Connector™, and Quest® vRanger from Dell. Read on to learn more about backup and disaster recovery scenarios – essential for any of your remote or branch office customers.

The extensive design and engineering work put into this solution allows your customers to quickly and confidently deploy this architecture into production environments, thereby empowering you to help them eliminate costly and time-consuming trial-and-error work often encountered during complex deployments. The information provided in this white paper will also help you to size your customers’ solutions, plan for various use-cases, configure their infrastructure and prepare for deployment.


Download the asset below for additional information and for a technical deep dive:

Remote and Branch Office Reference Architecture for VMware vSphere with
Dell PowerEdge VRTX.

This reference architecture is designed to provide enterprise class, cost-effective, virtualization infrastructure to enable your remote offices, branch offices, and small business customers to rapidly and efficiently deploy and migrate workloads. The solution was also designed to integrate simple, yet highly-efficient infrastructure lifecycle management capabilities, cloud connectivity, data-protection services, and other necessary infrastructure services, like domain services, databases, etc. The solution is envisioned to be a complete infrastructure that you can offer your customers for a remote or branch office.  


P2P: Partners Share Your Point-of-View: who are the early adopters and who are those who are still reticent (Industries or other characteristics) to virtualization in the SMB and ROBO space? and why?

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