As a fully-integrated, shared-infrastructure product perfect for remote, branch, and small office needs, PowerEdge VRTX combines Dell PowerEdge M520 and M620 server blades, shared storage, and IO (input/output) in the form of PCI Express (PCIe) and one I/O Module (IOM) slot. These elements are combined into a 5U rackable tower, providing a simplified model for your remote office/branch office (ROBO) and small and medium business (SMB) customers to deploy and manage. The Dell 1GbE switch IOM includes eight external Gigabit Ethernet ports providing network connectivity to the Dell PowerEdge Blade servers within the Dell PowerEdge VRTX chassis. 

Dell VRTX is also a cost-effective and innovative solutions platform for deploying Unified Communications solutions for your ROBO or SMB customers. They can now take advantage of running media collaborative applications like Microsoft Lync providing voice, video, and instant messaging (IM). With the flexibility of Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX chassis, a virtualized Microsoft Lync Server can be hosted right on premise. Whether it is a solution based on a virtualized Microsoft Lync Server supporting 50 on-premise users at a medium office, or a fully-virtualized Microsoft Server 2013 Exchange solution spanning separate and fully redundant sites, consider Dell PowerEdge VRTX to take advantage of the new reference architectures.

Download the assets below for additional information and for a technical deep dive:


Dell PowerEdge VRTX Networking Deployment Guide: for Microsoft Lync and Dell Mobility

About: This deployment guide outlines the steps of connecting PowerEdge VRTX to a SMB network, including integration options for Dell W-Series wireless local area networks (WLAN) mobility controller. With the fully-integrated PowerEdge VRTX, you can now empower ROBOs and SMBs with the connectivity, storage and compute power they need for deploying time-sensitive applications like Microsoft Lync.


Deployment guide: Configuring a highly available Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 environment on a Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX

About: This guide takes you through the simple, straightforward process of setting up a highly-available Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 environment on the Dell PowerEdge VRTX and recommended best practices for your customer deployments.

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 Virtualized Solution with Dell™ PowerEdge™ VRTX: A Dell Reference Architecture for 2,000 users with mailbox resiliency.

About: The study in this guide describes reference architecture for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 that takes advantage of the pre-engineered PowerEdge VRTX with Hyper-V reference implementation. This reference implementation has been used as the underlying platform for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to build a virtualized, highly available and site-resilient messaging solution. This reference implementation is pre-engineered, validated, and ready to be leveraged for deploying enterprise messaging applications for your customers.

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