Take a minute to think about your small office and home office customers. Are they still storing files on multiple PCs, losing important files or data on a regular basis or emailing large files at crunch time? As you well know, small businesses can’t afford to waste time managing multiple devices or slow performance. Consider upgrading your customers to the new Dell™ PowerEdge™ T20 mini-tower, entry-level server, an ideal first server for the SOHO environment. Even without a dedicated IT staff, your customers can get organized, securely store files, improve collaboration and increase productivity.

As Partners, you can use this entry-level server to establish yourself as a helpful, knowledgeable business advisor. Plus, you have several upsell opportunities including hardware and software options, external devices and installation, deployment and support services. 

To learn more, visit the PartnerDirect portal for PowerEdge T20 resources or get a rundown of all the T20 features in our latest video. Share your PowerEdge T20 success story below or post any questions or comments for our Dell experts!