During VMworld 2013,  attendees who trekked to the Dell both were given hands-on time with the latest version of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) On Demand, Dell’s cloud-based hosted virtual desktop offering. DaaS On Demand can not only provide a great user experience with the security and manageability benefits of being centrally hosted in a Dell datacenter, but the newest version of DaaS On Demand provides greater flexibility by delivering shared and virtual desktops as well as published applications.

Attendees at the Solutions Expo were given a “Pepsi Challenge” where two Windows 7 desktops were displayed: one based out of our US datacenter and the other based out of our UK datacenter. Could they tell which was which? The responses were surprisingly mixed, and the most interesting feedback was that a large majority of the attendees agreed that the performance/experience of the DaaS On Demand virtual desktops made it seem like they were running locally instead of from Dell datacenters thousands of miles away (even more amazing considering that the desktops were connected via the oft-maligned “tradeshow Wi-Fi”).



Not only is DaaS On Demand a great solution for our customers, but it’s also a way for US-based PartnerDirect partners to grow their business. Dell currently offers both a resale and referral model to provide multiple pathways to revenue depending on your preferred engagement model with your customers who are interested in cloud-based desktop deployment. In addition, partners who take the requisite training courses and fulfill the Service Partner Program requirements can gain additional discounts and incentives. This is a great opportunity for partners with the skillset necessary to leverage Dell datacenters and package into an end-to-end cloud-based solutions opportunity, complete with value added and managed services. In fact, some of our partners are doing this today.

So how can you take DaaS on Demand for a test drive? Simple! By clicking here, you can register for a free 5-day trial. After you submit your information, you’ll receive an email with your login credentials and instructions to guide you on your way. I encourage you to put DaaS on Demand through its paces and let us know what you think.