There’s been a lot of buzz lately around our announcement of the PowerEdge VRTX, a do-everything “datacenter in a box” platform combining Dell blade servers and shared storage into an ultra-compact 5u chassis.  Not only is it an ideal solution for small-mid sized business and branch office/remote office scenarios, the VRTX is also an absolute beast when it comes to powering virtualized environments and workloads.

During Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference last month, I touched upon how VRTX is one of the many ways Dell can deliver Windows 8 desktops and applications utilizing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) capabilities.   In fact, our recent Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) for Windows Server 2012 reference architecture shows that it’s possible to deploy Windows 8 virtual desktops or Windows Server 2012 session-based apps for up to 500 users in a single VRTX chassis (or 250 users using only 2 blades)- talk about impressive density!

The next logical question you may have is “That’s great, but how can I view the specs and configure this?”  Utilizing the new PartnerDirect Online Solutions Configurator (OSC), PartnerDirect partners are now only a click away from viewing the 250-user VRTX configuration, which can be easily modified as needed (like adding two more blades for a full 500-user config).  Simply click here to view the configuration.

One of the primary commitments to our PartnerDirect community it to make it simple and easy to do business with Dell, and we’re working to accomplish that by providing useful tools like the OSC, validated reference architectures, and more.  To find these tools as well as other valuable resources around desktop virtualization, I invite you to visit our partner portal.