This article was originally written by Nikkia Despertt, Client Product Subject Matter Expert, from Dell.

Learn more about the durability, manageability and performance benefits of upgrading your customers to the new Dell Latitude™ 6430u Ultrabook™ through three, recent third-party studies commissioned by Dell. Principled Technologies (PT) conducted numerous tests regarding surface temperature, drop durability, remote client management, battery life, responsiveness and performance proving that this Ultrabook offers more advantages than just its sleek, ultrathin design.

Below are some of the key findings for the three studies that tested the recently-released Dell Latitude 6430u Ultrabook against the older Dell Latitude E6400 laptop. (I encourage you to click through to each study to read the detailed results and testing methodology.)

Durability study proves Latitude 6430u Ultrabook cooler and more durable.

  • Up to 6.6° Celsius cooler during heavy system use
  • Completely undamaged after three drops from 29 inches

Manageability study finds Latitude 6430u Ultrabook offers faster client management.

  • 30% faster to deploy an OS image
  • 56% faster to import a driver package

Performance study verifies Latitude 6430u Ultrabook is more responsive with better system performance.

  • 70% faster to boot the system
  • 82% longer battery life

Confidently sell your customers a device that not only offers mobile freedom, but one that is durable, manageable, and out-performs its older and bulkier predecessors. For your customers wanting you to justify a case for upgrading to the Latitude 6430u Ultrabook, these three assets offer powerfully persuasive technical evidence.