When extolling the virtues of desktop virtualization and VDI - specifically Dell Cloud Client Computing solutions - to partners in my job, I’ve always asked the question “What can Dell do to make your job easier when it comes to this technology?”  More times than not, the response I get is “help me size my opportunities faster.”  I’m happy to report that Dell has a solution- the Dell Cloud Client Computing Partner Advisor tool.

The Partner Advisor tool is an easy and accurate way to configure and size end-to-end desktop virtualization solutions for VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop environments.  The web-based Advisor presents a series of simple questions about your VDI deployment and, using complex calculations based off of proven and validated Dell reference architectures, rapidly outputs a custom bill of materials encompassing best-of-breed Dell servers, storage, networking, and Dell Wyse thin or zero clients.  This means you won’t have to utilize back of the napkin calculations or whip your calculator out when your customer asks you the tough questions on how you’ll properly size and scale their VDI deployment.

The video below give a great overview of the process and value the Advisor tool brings to partners, and I invite you to take it for a spin yourself and let us know what you think at www.dell.com/partner/advisor