How can I do more with less? This is a statement that is as old as time itself on many cases and applies to IT and industry as well. In recent times, new demands on computing capability have increased throughout the enterprise at lightning speed while resources such as space, power, and cooling are not always available to support. It also doesn't help when budgets for IT don't grow at the rate at which the demands on IT do. Management of the data center is upwards of 60% of the cost of IT today.  On-going maintenance, patching of hardware, updates to software and having silos of IT staff to support their part with a number of different tools is key driver of this high cost.

For the foreseeable future global business demands for IT services are forecasted continue to increase while CAPEX budgets for expanding data centers will be restricted – the classic paradigm of ”Do more with less.”  Dell’s resolution for our customers to address this dilemma is through comprehensive data center modularity and density.  Modularity enables the customer take advantage of new technologies in a non-disruptive environment while density enables them to increase compute, network and storage capacity.  The combination of these two concepts allows them to do so without increasing the physical footprint of these resources.  Dell can help customers build a data center in a 5U standalone solution, a 42U rack, or in a 25 foot container– in the Cloud, on a roof, or under a desk.

Density optimized solutions are a fast growing piece of the market and Dell holds more than 50% market share in the space showing our position as a market and thought leader. Dell's solution for data-center density is a wholly differentiated solution from Dell that is redefining the market. We were prescriptive in choosing the initial components in the Dell Converged Blade Data Center solution to help customers achieve greater application and service agility and efficiency. If you have other specific needs to be addressed, you also have the flexibility to customize the solution.

  • Begin with the M1000e – it is the foundation to build the entire converged blade data center on – designed from the ground up to deliver density.
  • The MXL and IOA build on that foundation, providing double the 10GbE ports as previous generation 10GbE switches.
  • The M420 is the world’s first quarter-height blade server – a platform that delivers next-generation performance within the physical constraints of the M1000e, while doing so with enterprise class features that are unmatched – a truly unique offering!
  • Another “something new” made possible by the combination of these elements is the PS-M4110, the industry’s first enterprise-class blade storage! 

View the detailed white paper from Principled Technologies to learn more on the business value of delivering data-center density for Dell Partners as well as the end-users and how Dell solutions stand to deliver. Also, be sure to check out the Blades page on the Partner Portal for several different technical and marketing materials.