Looking for a commercial business tablet to help meet customers’ BYOD needs – whether security or manageability?.... check out the Dell Latitude 10 tablet.

When recommending tablets to your customers, there is a lot to consider other than just the cool factor. Imagine how much time IT staff would need to manage, deploy, and keep up with software updates for the tablets in addition to the other traditional PCs employees have.  Compare the time and money it takes to do this for the Latitude 10 vs. the Apple iPad.  Dell Latitude 10 tablet delivers lower management costs for large enterprise deployments.


A recent assessment report from Principled Technologies highlights a few key points you should consider and share with your customers in favor of the Dell Latitude 10 tablet.

  • 17x faster and 94% cheaper deployment
  • 85% cheaper to manage over the span of three years
  • 99% faster software updates saving 197 hours

The Dell Latitude 10 is the tablet for business with easy management and security, and a swappable battery for go-anywhere productivity. IT pros can manage the Latitude 10 tablet the same way as other traditional PCs in the environment using existing management solutions, such as Dell KACE™ appliances or SCCM. 

The Latitude 10 supports both the Windows 8 touch and app experience along with legacy Windows applications. It offers solid security features like TPM management, an optional smart card and fingerprint reader and Dell Data Protection | Encryption options.