I have a customer who needs a PowerEdge R230 to use as a Voicemail server. So I log onto the Premier site and go about pricing one. Only thing is I can't add 2012 Foundation server without adding the media kit. This does not exist on the configuration page for the server. Thus I can't add it.. (Not sure how you can offer it on the config page and yet not be able to add it. But that is for another day..)  I reach out to my "Sales Rep", He gets me a price of 1572. I am saying to myself there is no way it could be that much for a basic R230 with 8GIG of RAM and a RAID1 using 1TB drives. So for laughs and giggles I go to the consumer site and price the same configuration.. The Price there is 1169 plus tax shipping included.  I go back to the sales group and ask them to re quote. They come back at 1372.

Here’s the rub.

If I were to purchase this server as a retail consumer it would cost me $1169.25  with free shipping and an extra 100.86 for tax.  For a total of 1269.86.


I am a partner though (a bottom of the heap partner but none the less.) and Dell wants to charge me 1372.83.  Even if I pay the tax going through the retail site I still save roughly 100.00 plus shipping.

I mean as a partner shouldn’t I be getting at least the same deal as some layman on the internet ? I just don’t understand the logic here..

 How can I make any profit if my customer can go to Dell.com and get it cheaper than I can?

I am just scratching my head about this and it is kind of infuriating. Why go through the red tape to become a partner just to be undercut by the same company I am partnered with?

It would be nice to get a straight answer from Dell explaining why this is the way it is.