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How to update video driver HD4600 for dell precision M3800

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How to update video driver HD4600 for dell precision M3800

  • Hi, I would update the current driver version: released on 17/08/2015, but this is the latest that I can download from dell drivers download site.

    If you try to search on intel web site, you will find the last driver released on agust 2016, but if I try to download and install, an error apper, due to unsigned driver version

    Please, how can I update the video driver?

    thank you

  • Hello! Have you tried Dell tech support? They will need your service tag but please give them a call and they should be able to help or direct you to whom could.  


  • Hi, thank you for your reply.

    Sure, I have contacted the tech support, and they give me this url to download all drivers

    But also here there isn't the new driver for the integrated HD 4600. The newest driver on dell site is november 2015, but if you look on intel site

    the latest driver is august 2016. Please, is it possibile to update the dell driver list? Or can you give the way to install the driver from intel?

    thank you

  • From your screen name I am unable to tell if you are a partner. If you are, have you tried pushing this to your sales rep? Also you could search the issue and/or post your situation in one of the other more active online forums specifically for driver issues and see what you get there, my apologies for not being able to help you directly. 

    A driver specific forum I was able to find.

  • After some days spent to find an solution, I think to be find!

    So, install the latest video driver for HD4600 directly from dell's site, then

    - open computer management

    -click on device manager and open display adapters

    -click on intel HD4600 and select propeties

    -click on driver tab, then update driver

    -select search software on the computer and then select manually

    -here select the version and click on next button

    This version solve my problem, but I hope that dell will update the driver list



  • This is fantastic news! 

    Thank you for detailing it for us as well. 

    Have a wonderful day!