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  • Get Financing with Dell Business Credit

    Managing your available capital is critical to your business’ success. As business technology evolves, knowing you have a single, reliable technology advisor can help you focus on growth.

    We’re experts at leasing and financing the thousands of IT products your business needs to succeed. Our payment products give you flexibility when managing cash flow and we’ll work with you to customize a payment solution that works as hard as you do.

    We make financing easy

    • Access to large lines of credit
    • Build your business credit profile
    • Reserve cash for daily business needs

    Dell Business Credit™
    Dell Business Credit™ (DBC) is a revolving line of credit that gives you the purchasing power to update your technology with instant ownership and no annual fees or pre-payment penalties. Using DBC allows your business to make IT purchases based on your technology timeline and allows you to leverage your other lines of credit for non-technology purchases. Empower your business today!

    Key Advantages include:

    • Dedicated technology line of credit designed specifically for your business needs
    • Access to larger lines of credit
    • Exclusive access to low-rate offers
    • Improved cash flow with low monthly payments
    • Instant equipment ownerships
    • Helps build your business credit profile
    • No pre-payment penalties
    • Online account management

    To learn more about Dell Business credit please visit Dell Financial Services

  • Learn to Work with eQuotes

    The eQuote serf-service feature, allows an authorized user to create, review, edit and simply retrieve an electronic Quote when ready to purchase. Below we go into how to save, retrieve and edit the eQuotes you create within your Premier page. As well as how you can distinguish them from your sales generated quotes by your representative.

    Saving an eQuote

    eQuotes let users prepare an order and save it for purchase later, or send it to be reviewed by an authorized buyer.

    1. Once all desired products are added to your cart, view the cart and click on “Save as eQuote.”

    2. Finalize the eQuote by completing all the required fields.

    3. To send the eQuote to your purchasing agent and/or any other recipient via email, complete the appropriate fields.

    Retrieving an eQuote

    An eQuote can be retrieved by the individual user who saved it or by an authorized eQuote shopper or buyer.

    4. There are three ways to retrieve an eQuote. You can click on the “Quotes” link located just below the top navigation, from within the “Products” category, or using the dashboard eQuotes module.

    5. Some user roles provide the ability to access another user’s eQuote information using the same “Quotes” link.

    6. eQuote lists can be sorted and displayed by multiple fields.

    7. To view details or delete an eQuote, locate and click on the eQuote number desired and select the “View Details” or “Delete” option from within the dropdown menu.

    Editing an eQuote

    8. From within the eQuote list, click on the eQuote number and select “View Details.”

    9. To make changes to the quantity, enter the new quantity number and click “Update Total.”

    10. To make changes to the product, click on “Adjust System” to open the configuration page, select your new options, and click “Return to eQuotes”.

    11. Click “Save as new eQuote” to save your changes. The updated configuration will be saved as a new eQuote referencing a new eQuote number. The original eQuote will not be changed and remains in your list until it expires or deleted.

    You may have access to both eQuotes and Sales Quotes via your Premier Page. eQuotes are generated and saved via Premier by users of the store. They can be modified online prior to purchase. Sales Quotes are generated by a Dell Sales Rep. They can be retrieved and purchased through Premier but the quotes are locked. Any modifications require Dell Sales Support.

    To differentiate between the two types of quotes, the numbering systems are different. eQuotes generally start with a “1” and are 13 characters long. Sales Quotes start with “6” and are 9 characters in length.

    For more information about Premier visit our Learn Page.

  • 5 Ways to Shop and Search Products on Premier

    Premier provides you with a customized, secure online toolset for purchasing, reporting, researching product and support. This guide shows you how to make the most of this customized procurement tool. Provided below is five ways in which you can shop and search products within Premier. 

    1. Systems Catalog: Your Systems Catalog provides access to the complete line of Dell branded products. This catalog can also be customized to display only the products relevant to your organization. You may configure the available options for any product according to your needs. To access your Systems Catalog, click on “Products” in the masthead and then “Systems” in the secondary navigation. A third-level navigation bar will appear enabling you to select a system’s category. For faster selection, choose a category from the Systems module on your dashboard.
    2. Software & Peripherals Catalog: An extensive selection of software and peripheral products from both Dell and other manufacturers are available on your Premier Page. To access your Software & Peripherals Catalog, click on “Products” in the masthead and then select “Software” or “Peripherals” in the secondary navigation. If “Peripherals” are selected, a third-level navigation bar allows you to narrow your selection. For faster selection, choose a category from the Software & Peripherals module on your dashboard.
    3. Search by keyword or part #: To locate products from any of the three catalogs, you can also use the Search box located in the upper right hand corner.
    4. Standard Configurations: For volume purchasing, should your organization require a selection of systems with limited configuration choices (memory, hard drive, graphics, etc.), contact your Dell sales representative. Once your representative has established your specific configurations on your Premier page, access Standard Configurations by clicking “Products” in the masthead and then select “Standard Configurations” in the secondary navigation. Or select the product from the Standard Configurations module on your dashboard.
    5. Lists: Organize and access your frequently purchased products and organizational standards by using the Lists functionality. Collaborate with users in your organization by creating Public or Shared lists.

    Interested in Premier? Learn more about Premier here