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  • Using Systemd for Automated System Recovery

    With the inclusion of support for watchdog hardware, systemd can now perform the function of a watchdog daemon Linux. On Dell PowerEdge systems, this hardware could either be the chipset watchdog timer built into the platform’s chipset (like Intel ICH9) or Dell iDRAC’s IPMI compliant BMC...
  • Set OS information in iDRAC via IPMI

    On Dell PowerEdge systems, in addition to providing comprehensive information about the system, the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) provides useful information about the operating system running on the host. Of these, there are three pieces of information that is made available that...
  • Hacking Fedora install ISOs

    While working on testing some minor installer changes, I found myself wanting a simple way to modify the Fedora install media without having to rebuild the install ISO from scratch each time. I found some guides for doing this on older versions of Fedora and on live ISOs, but none really worked for the...