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  • Troubleshooting DDP - RebootStep

    Setting the RebootStep variable is one of the custom steps inthe Dell DDP that can be difficult to troubleshoot. The Set RebootStep Task Sequence step connects to the ConfigMgr site, and creates/modifies the RebootStep object variable on the computer object. To achieve this, you must specify an account...
  • Troubleshooting the Dell Deployment Pack for ConfigMgr

    ** if you encounter problems, and you want assistance, please post the installation logs - you'll find them here: <SiteInstallDir>\AdminUI\XmlStorage\Extensions\bin\Deployment\Dell\PowerEdge\setup Top Troubleshooting Issues: Q: You receive the following error in the DDP installation log: File...
  • Using the Dell Deployment Pack for ConfigMgr

    To send a boot image to distribution points, after installation is complete launch the ConfigMgr Admin Console, and explore "Boot Images" under Operating System Deployment. You will see a new Folder titled "Dell PowerEdge Server Deployment." The Dell™ PowerEdge™ Server...
  • Dell Server Deployment Pack Installation Instructions

    Prerequisites And Requirements Familiarity with deploying operating systems using Configuration Manager 2007/2012. You should have Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later, installed on the server. For details on how to download and install Configuration Manager, see the Microsoft TechNet site...
  • Dell Server Deployment Pack (DSDP) for Configuration Manager

    Visit the Dell Server Deployment Pack wiki page here .