Part 1. Native/Inbox driver Support:
For Windows Server 2008 R2, the following PowerEdge platforms' devices have native support. They have their inbox/native drivers included the R2 OS media. You can install the R2 OS without injecting their drivers.
  • Storage Controllers:
    • PERC 6/i Adapter, PERC6/i Integrated, PERC6/E Adapter
    • SAS 6/iR Integrated, SAS 6/iR Adapter
    • PERC 5/i Adapter, PERC5/i Integrated, PERC5/E Adapter
    • SAS 5/i Integrated, SAS 5/i Adapter, SAS 5/iR Integrated, SAS 5/iR Adapter, SAS 5/E Adapter
    • CERC 2S on PE800
    • PERC 4/im
    • LSI Ultra320 1020/1030 adaptor.
    • Adaptec SCSI Card 39320A - Ultra320 SCSI
    • Upcoming new Dell storage controllers (except software RAID)
  • LOM/integrated NIC:
    • All onboard NIC's for the support PowerEdge platforms
  • Add-on Network Controllers:
    • Broadcom 5703
    • Broadcom 5708 adapter
    • Broadcom 5709 adapter
    • Broadcom 5709 Blade mezz card
    • Broadcom 5709 Rack Mezz card
    • Broadcom 5721
    • Broadcom 5722
    • Broadcom 57710 10G Base-T adapter
    • Broadcom 57710 Blade Mezz card
    • Broadcom 57710 Rack Mezz card
    • Intel 10 Gigabit AT Server Adapter
    • Intel 100+ DP
    • Intel 1000MF
    • Intel 1000MT
    • Intel 1000MT Dual Port
    • Intel 1000P Dual Port
    • Intel 1000PF
    • Intel 1000PT
    • Intel 1000PT Dual Port
    • Intel 1000XF
    • Intel 1000XT
    • Intel 10GE SR
  • Chipset:
    • Intel chipsets in Dell PowerEdge 8G, 9G, 10G and 11G* platforms. (Note: on the 11G PowerEdge platforms, the new chipsets which come after R2 RTM may not have native support)
  • Tape Drives:
    • PV-100T-DAT72
    • PV-100T-DDS4
    • PV-110T-DLT4000
    • PV-110T-DLT7000
    • PV-110T-DLTVS160
    • PV-110T-DLT-VS80
    • PV-110T-LTO
    • PV-110T-LTO1
    • PV-110T-LTO1
    • PV-110T-LTO2
    • PV-110T-LTO2-L
    • PV-110T-LTO2-L
    • PV-110T-LTO3
    • PV-110T-SDLT220
    • PV-110T-SDLT320
    • PV-LTO3-060
    • PV-LTO3-060 (Half High)
    • PV-LTO4-120 (Full Height)
    • PV-LTO4-TBD (Half High)
  • Tape Libraries:
    • ML-6000 ADIC
    • ML-6000 with LTO3
    • PV-124T
    • PV-124T with DLTVS160 Quantum
    • PV-124T with LTO2-L Certance
    • PV-124T with LTO3 IBM
    • PV-132T ADIC
    • PV-132T with LTO1 IBM
    • PV-132T with LTO2 IBM
    • PV-132T with LTO3 IBM
    • PV-132T with SDLT320 Quantum
    • PV-136T ADIC
    • PV-136T with LTO1 HP
    • PV-136T with LTO2 IBM
    • PV-136T with LTO3 IBM
    • PV-136T with SDLT220 Quantum
    • PV-136T with SDLT320 Quantum
  • Tape Autoloaders:
    • PV120T DLT7000 Drive
    • PV120T DLT7000 Medium Changer
    • PV-120T-DDS4AL Sony Changer
    • PV-120T-DDS4AL Sony Drive
    • PV-122T with LTO1 HP Changer
    • PV-122T with LTO1 HP Drive
    • PV-122T with LTO2 IBM Changer
    • PV-122T with LTO2 IBM Drive
    • PV-122T with SDLT320 Quantum Changer
    • PV-122T with SDLT320 Quantum Drive
    • PV-122T-DLT-VS80 Quantum Changer
    • PV-122T-DLT-VS80 Quantum Drive
  • Fibre Channel Controllers:
    • Emulex LP 9802DC
    • Emulex LP10000 (2GB PCI-X)
    • Emulex LP1050e (2GB PCIe bridged)
    • Emulex LP9002/LP9002L
    • Emulex LP9802
    • Emulex LP982
    • Emulex LPe1105-DL
    • Emulex LPe1105-M (1855/1955)
    • Emulex LPe1150 (4GB PCIe)
    • Qlogic QLA 2342 (2GB PCI-X Dual-Channel)
    • QLogic QLA200 (2GB PCI-X)
    • Qlogic QLA2310
    • Qlogic QLA2340 (2GB PCI-X)
    • Qlogic QLE2360 (2GB PCIe Bridged)
    • Qlogic QLE2460 (4GB PCIe)
    • Qlogic QLE2462 (4GB PCIe Dual-Channel)
    • Qlogic QME2462
Part 2: Out-of-Box Support:
The out-of-box driver release are available at at the R2 launch.
  • Dell PERC4/e controllers including PERC4/e si, PERC4/e di, PERC4/e DC. (Updated on 8/10: Web posted)
  • Broadcom HT1000 SATA driver for PE605, SC1435, PE2970 which is configured with a SATA optical drive. (Updated on 9/9: Web posted)
  • DRAC 4 controller (Updated on 8/10: Web posted)
  • Dell PERC S100 and S300 RAID controllers. (Updated on 9/28: Web posted)
  • Intel® Gigabit VT Quad Port Server Adapter. (Web posted)
The following devices which have native support in R2 have an out-of-box driver available for R2 to support advanced features:
  • BroadCom NetXtreme I and NetXtreme II Broadcom Ethernet adapters
  • Intel PRO 1000 PT Server Adapter
    Intel PRO 1000 PF Server Adapter
    Intel PRO 1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter
    Intel Gigabit VT Quad Port Server Adapter
    Intel Gigabit ET Dual Port Server Adpater
    Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port Server Adapter
    Intel Gigabit ET Quad Port Mezzanine Card
    Intel 10 Gigabit XF SR Server Adapter
    Intel 10 Gigabit AT Server Adapter
    Intel 10 Gigabit AF DA Dual Port Server Adapter
  • Video for Matrox and ATI chips for all support platforms.