IPv6: iDRAC, snmpd on SLES 11
- Narendra K.

On SLES 11 IPv6 is enabled by default. It has link local addresses which are auto configured when the system boots. Without any additional configuration with respect to IPv6 addresses, it can be used to access Dell iDRAC. When configured, iDRAC will be setup with a link local address that can be used to establish HTTP, telnet and ssh connections.

Accessing iDRAC web interface over IPv6
http://[fe80::222:19ff:feab:27dd%eth0]:80/ would establish a HTTP session. Once the authentication is through and you are on the iDRAC home page, ssh and telnet can be enabled via Remote Access (under Systems tab ) ‐> Configuration ‐> Services. Here, check the appropriate boxes to enable ssh and telnet.

Telnet session can be established with:
# telnet fe80::222:19ff:feab:27dd%eth0

SSH session can be established with:
# ssh ‐6 fe80::222:19ff:feab:27dd%eth0

Where fe80::222:19ff:feab:27dd is the link local address of the iDRAC and %eth0 specifies that eth0 should be the outgoing interface.

IPv6 and SNMP
net‐snmp agent can be configured to work over IPv6 by:


  1. Append "udp6:161" to the end of the argument list to snmpd in /etc/init.d/snmpd
  2. Append this to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf
rocommunity6 community‐name
rwcommunity6 community‐name

Example on the client:

# snmpwalk ‐v 1 ‐c public udp6:[<link local address>%eth0]:[161] mib‐2