Windows Server 2012 Inbox Driver Support on Dell PowerEdge Servers

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Windows Server 2012 Inbox Driver Support on Dell PowerEdge Servers

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Windows Server 2012 has been released to manufacturing (RTM). With this announcement, we are happy to reveal the current state of driver support for Dell servers to help make your experience better.

Dell has been working with Microsoft for over two years to bring you the best possible experience on Dell hardware. As a part of this effort we’ve worked with internal teams and vendors to submit drivers to Microsoft for inclusion in the Windows media. As a result, this Microsoft release has the majority of our device drivers in the Windows media “inbox”.

Having a driver inbox reduces the need to download drivers manually from Dell’s website saving time and making support tasks easier.  

In addition to our newer 12th Generation & 11th Generation servers, This Microsoft RTM release of Windows Server 2012 has been installed successfully on 9th Generation PowerEdge Servers (i.e. PE1950, PE2900, PE2950, etc.) 

As always, Dell will provide updated Windows Server 2012 drivers on as they become available, usually after our launch.

Below is a summary of the device drivers available in Windows Server 2012 RTM:

Network: Network Controller Cards Supported on Dell Platforms.

  • Broadcom NetXtreme I & II Gigabit Family on Dell platforms
  • Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Fiber & Ethernet Family on Dell platforms
  • Broadcom BCM570xx NetXtreme II GigE (NDIS) Family on Dell platforms
  • Broadcom BCM577xx NetXtreme II 10 GigE (NDIS) Family on Dell platforms
  • Broadcom BCM578xx NetXtreme I & II 10 GigE SFP+ Family on Dell platforms
  • Broadcom NetXtreme II 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Intel LOM & Network Daughter Cards on 12G platforms
  • Intel Gigabit Family of Server Adapters on Dell platforms
  • Intel 10GbE Ethernet Family of Server Adapters on Dell platforms
  • Brocade 10GbE Ethernet Adapter on Dell platforms



  • Dell™ PowerEdge™ RAID Controller (PERC) 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Dell™ SAS RAID 5 and 6 family
  • Dell Internal tape adapters



  • QLogic 246x and 256x Fiber Channel series Dell adapters and 82xx CNA adapters (NDIS only)
  • Emulex LightPulse 8GB (PCIe 2.0) /4GB (PCIe 1.0a) /2GB (PCIe 1.0) Dell adapters
  • Brocade 4G/ 8G/ 10G/ 16G Fiber Channel/FCoE series Dell adapters


Dell Inbox driver exceptions in Windows Server 2012:

Listed below are a few device drivers which are not inbox in Windows Server 2012. Dell is currently working with vendors to provide these drivers as Out-of-Box and will be posted on when available.

  • Software RAID PERC S110 on the Dell Value Line of Servers
  • QLogic 82xx CNA cards (FCoE & iSCSI)
  • Qlogic 81xx CNA Adapters – NDIS & FCoE
  • Broadcom 57800 2x10Gb BT (Base-T)
  • Broadcom 57810 2x1Gb + 2x10Gb  BT rNDC
  • Emulex 10GBe FCoE & NDIS CNA, 10GBe iSCSI Adapter
  • AMD & NVIDIA Add-On display driver for Dell 11G & 12G PowerEdge servers
  • Dell™ PowerEdge™ RAID Controller (PERC) 8.1
  • Matrox G200W & G200eR embedded video controllers
  • Dell PCIeSSD storage controller
  • Intel Romley Chipset Management Node Driver

Because Windows Server 2012 RTM media is now finalized, Dell will qualify and validate this release on our supported platforms and storage. More details on this date will be posted at a later time. Dell will only provide limited support for Windows Server 2012 until validation testing has been completed and the OS has been released for sale.

This article was originally written by Kailash Chander & Michael Schroeder

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