Dell and SAP provide Competence Centers located in Austin (Texas), Walldorf (Germany), and Kawasaki (Japan) that serve as central points-of-contact for customers who want to run their SAP applications on Dell™ systems. Experienced engineers at these centers can provide custom sizings of the best-suited platform architectures for your SAP implementation needs. Dell also conducts SAP benchmarks and publishes technical papers about SAP to assist its customers when deploying SAP software.

Certified Hardware

Find a list of SAP-certified Dell hardware:

Similar to the certification there is

  • An SAP Adaptive Compliance Test
You will only require this if you plan to use the ACC (Adaptive Computing Controller). More information on
  • A HANA Validation


You want to virtualize your SAP environment? Here are some hints that have made life easier:

  • SAP-supported virtualization solutions for X64 hardware are VMware, Xen and Hyper-V. Consider the SAP notes
    • 1409608 for Windows: VMware and Hyper-V
    • 1122387 for Linux: up to the hardware vendor. For Dell, VMware and Xen is supported, see Dell/SAP note 300900. Be aware that SAP only supports Xen from Novell, Red Hat and Citrix with limitations.
  • Consider your backup strategy
Do you use fibrechannel tape drives for your backups? Please consider that you cannot attach fibre channel cable to every virtual machine. There will soon be a solution from VMware for that, VMDirectPath.

  • Consider your database
Do you want a virtualized database server? Do not forget some databases do not support virtualization or demand that you be able to reproduce a support issue on "bare metal". Info on

Performance Advice

As discussed in the SAP Portal InfoBrief, the prefetcher setting in the BIOS has a major influence on SAP performance. On ABAP, switching OFF the prefetcher (in a benchmark scenario) increased the system throughput (in Dialogsteps per second) by about 8 percent, and even more could be observed in Java-stack-based SAP software. To switch OFF the prefetcher (as in a Dell PowerEdge™ R900's example):

  1. Reboot your PowerEdge server.
  2. Enter your system BIOS by pressing F2.
  3. Chose CPU Information -> Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch.
  4. Set this option to "disabled."

Cache Prefetcher

Note: This option may also be called "Sequential Memory Access". It is not available on every server.

Setting HT Tech to HT 3 (where available) showed a performance increase of more than 10% in an SAP-specific load scenario. Here is an example from the PowerEdge M905:

BIOS of M905 showing "HT Tech" setting

Note: This performance hint was only tested in a 4-processor-configuration.


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