Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Dell supports Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® on PowerEdge and Precision Workstations. Visit to find out more.

More information here.

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server

Dell supports Novell® SuSE® Linux Enterprise Server on PowerEdge servers. Visit to find out more.

More information here.

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is now supported by Dell and Canonical. We have an agreement to work with Canonical to certify Dell servers, and Canonical offers OS support contracts for Ubuntu Server through the Ubuntu Advantage Program.

More information here.

For Ubuntu support on consumer systems, check for latest information.

Other distributions

Dell recognizes that people will want to run other Linux distributions (i.e. CentOS, Debian, etc.). The Dell mailing lists are a great resource for receiving support from other customers with these other distributions. Even though Dell engineers and support staff subscribe to these mailing lists, these are not official support lists and are available as an additional resource only.