Disclaimer :- This iSM Image is not Officially supported on any Dell Servers.

This wiki is written by Tamilarasan J from Dell Customs Solutions Engineering and this talks about running a iSM module as container in any Linux based environment.

The iDRAC Service Module (iSM) is a small OS-resident process that expands iDRAC management into supported host operating systems. Specifically, iSM adds the following services:

This page will help you download the iSM image and run it as a container, regardless of which Linux Operating system you are in. Keeping in mind that you have a Docker Engine in place.

If you have a Dell Hardware and using an Operating System for which the iSM installable is not available. This method will help you in utilizing the iSM Module features.

Please contact your Sales/Account Team for the custom iSM container.

For Dell Sales/Accounts Teams only: Please Open a Support Request in salesforce.com to engage CSE team. The process for entering the request is mentioned here:

  1. Go to salesforce.com
  2. Go to the opportunity tab
  3. Open or create a new opportunity
  4. Click on Alert that says engage PG Custom solutions engineering
  5. This will  open a support request (SR) with usss
  6. Please note that This SR is in Incomplete status until you enter all the required fields.

I have built the container image with the docker version 17.03 CE, please make sure you have the docker installed with recent version.

Below are the steps to download and run the iSM Module image of version 2.4.

1. Search for the ISM image of 2.4 with the below command.

2. Pull the image from the repository.

3. We need to run the command with the privileges as the systemd command throws an error when you start it normally.

#docker run --privileged  -ti -d -e "container=docker"  -v /sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup  --net=host path/to/containerImage /usr/sbin/init

Replace the container name here with tamilarasanbravo/ism2.4 with the exact container name if you have changed it.

The iSM module is now up and running. You may use the features of the iSM Module as like it is installed in the physical server.

In this example, I have the base system as Ubuntu and the image is built in Redhat 7.2. You may have any base system/Docker host to run this image.

You may also use the docker-compose file to download and run this container.