I have a 2015 XPS 13 9343. Its a great machine, and kernel support for everything now is stable enough that stuff just works well. There is one thing that drives me a bit crazy though, and that is that on resume from hibernation, power usage is ~50% higher than if the machine is cold-booted, or resumed from suspend. So to maximize battery life, I hibernate, but then on resuming from hiberate, immediately suspend then resume.

I was wondering if anybody had seen anything like this, or had any pointers on tracking down the cause of the problem.

powertop2 shows all tunables in "Good" either way, it also shows the package C-state as C7 for most of its time (typically 50-75%) either way, GPU in RC6. but something uses 1 - 1.5W more than my base idle until I suspend and then resume. Then within a few seconds the power will drop down to 2.2-2.5W. Before the suspend, its closer to 3.5-4W.

I'm running arch linux, with its current 4.11.3 kernel - but I've seen this behaviour for literally years and many, many kernel versions.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.