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Is the Precision 5520 Keyboard part compatible with the XPS 9560?

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Is the Precision 5520 Keyboard part compatible with the XPS 9560?

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Hi all,

This is a question for the sputnik team or any one else who is knowledgeable of the hardware and replacement parts of both the XPS 9560 and Precision 5520.

I am  not editinng thispost at all to fix typos. I want you  to see exactly what my experience is with typingg on this  keyboard.

I own an XPS 9560 and have a really bad keyboarrd that constantly produces double keypresses on various letters whenever I  amtyping. Space bar presses aare also not registered all thetime. Some keys don't register at all.

I have turned off all key repeat setttngs. So, if I want to type HHHHH or ----- I have to press each letter each time I want it to  appear. Holding down a key will NOT make it reepeat.

MY question is this: Can the XPS Precision 5520 keyboard work as a replalcecment in the XPS  9560?

I ask because this keyboard problem is a well-known issue with the XPS line. Many people have had tech support replace their keyboards multiple times and the issue still remains. In my case, I am using linux, so I wouldd prefer to have my keyboard replaced with one that Project Sputnik has vetted  for the precision hardware since I trust the Sputnik team more than regular Dell engineering

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  • Greetings JE25.025,

    DELL-Jared D brought me your post. Thank you for for your detailed description.

    The 5520 and 9560 share the same keyboard part number. There is no separate keyboard part number for Sputnik systems.

    Please do send me a friend request with your service tag and email address and we'll work together. What I will probably do here is replace your keyboard and if that doesn't help then we can discuss options to have your unit sent in for analysis.

    Can you boot to Linux live and see if you have the same issue from there?

    Justin C

    Dell Technical Support L3 | Project Sputnik

    Dell Support is also on Twitter!