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Dell XPS 13 4th generation (9360) Video issues

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Dell XPS 13 4th generation (9360) Video issues

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I am experiencing video issues and was wondering if anybody else is experiencing (similar) video issues.

Please have a look at this bug report - especially the 3 youtube videos.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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  • I have not seen that BUG, nor any of the issues in those videos on my 9360 or my 9350 on 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, or 4.12-rc* in Fedora 25 or 26, in Wayland or Xorg.

    I've seen *plenty* of other issues, haha.

    I use GNOME, not KDE. I use the default i915 parameters, so no guc*, psr*... My kernels are not PREEMPT.

  • Also, I don't use emacs, I don't use LibreOffice.

    I use vim, QtCreator, I play lots of Diablo 3 (under wine), BioShock, Borderlands... I'm definitely not a casual user.