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BIOS v1.3.4

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BIOS v1.3.4

This question has been answered by Yury Vidineev

What features does BIOS v1.3.4 offer for the Dell 9360 (Developer Edition)?  I've updated already.  I looked at what was reported on the driver support page, and it only listed:

Enhance Windows 10 Enterprise Redstone 1 support

Redstone meaning "Anniversary Update" edition...

Does this update patch Intel's recent security vulnerability?

Does the patch fix anything else?


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  • DEE2016, do you see update available in Ubuntu Software app?

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  • I also have such questions. And one more: will this update be available to install via Software center?

  • I was also going to ask how we can fix the intel management engine security vulnerability on our developer edition machines.

  • About Intel vuln there is BIOS 1.3.5 update

  • Just upgraded... I don't know if that's a coincidence, but having a rj45 cable plugged onto the TB16 and connecting the XPS to the TB16 causes an immediate kernel panic (kernel 4.10.13). The Linux experience with these hardware is rough...

  • i just upgrade too

  • How should I upgrade the BIOS from Ubuntu linux? The files on the download page are for Windows/DOS.

  • DEE2016, do you see update available in Ubuntu Software app?

  • Thanks, some how I just noticed it before reading your post. Just upgraded the firmware. Thank you anyway for taking the time to answer. Really cool.