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High system load and softirqs

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High system load and softirqs

  • Hi,

    Running opensuse tumbleweed, kernel 4.10.

    I experience overall slowness in the system, which seems correlated with high system cpu usage (like 10%) and some softirqs that I do not see on one other laptop (namely a lattitude 7440). iowait is ok. As a consequence, load average goes up to 3 or 4, whereas the other (slower) laptop barely reaches 1 for the same utilization.

    Typical super slow experience is with a browser, such as google chrome or vivaldi -- but it impacts the whole system.

    Anyone experiencing the same? I was thinking about potential driver problem with the ath10K wifi module or maybe even i915 for the display? (I have nothing to backup my claims, but given the symptoms, it is most likely a kernel module I assume)



  • So I know this doesn't amount to such a high number in this example, but sys cpu% at 10-12% overall when the computer is idle is just a lot.