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Any compatible TB dock for 9360?

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Any compatible TB dock for 9360?

  • Good day community,

    So I am pretty close to purchasing top end 9360, however a few drawbacks are the known coil whine issue and also the uncertainty about Thunderbolt Dock compatibility.

    I am willing to give it a shot in terms of coil whine, since some people seem not to have this issue but is there any TB dock that actually works with this particular machine running Ubuntu out of the box? I would like to purchase InfinityEdge 24' external monitor,  BT keyboard and mouse and BT speakers to use with it.

    If there is not one, any idea if there going to be one any time soon? I would be willing to wait a month or two. I know that DELL seems to be working on that issue, however coil whine issue has been known for years now and we are yet to receive a fix for it, so it doesn't seem very promising.


  • I own a XPS 9360. It's the Worst laptop that I ever had. Thunderbolt is unstable (always swapping between monitors), the SSD has been change and lost many data.... Windows 10 unstable... Wifi seems to impacting the thunderbolt port.... Dell support is painfull!!!

  • I am waiting for my replacement unit.

    Fingers crossed it won't have any issues!