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Dell D3100 -- additional drivers for HDMI and Audio support?

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Dell D3100 -- additional drivers for HDMI and Audio support?

  • Hi,

    this seems like an odd question, I just got myself the  Dell D3100 docking station and connected the docking station with my XPS 13 (9360) USB and Ethernet are working like a charm.

    But for some reason my external monitor that I connected via HDMI is not recognized at all, and the Audio jack that I also connected with the D3100 only plays the audio on my laptop speakers rather than on the boxes...

    Is it necessary to install drivers for the D3100 to work properly? They ship it with a CD for drivers and documentation, but I suppose those are just Windows drivers, right?!

    What's odd as well is that the D3100 is recognized as a capture device (microphone) but not as a playback device in my sound panel.....weird, huh?!

    I'd appreciate any help/suggestion on this.


  • Hi,

    I was able to install the drivers by downloading them here:

    However, I have my cursor constantly freezing/duplicating for a few seconds...and after I have hooked up my monitor via HDMI I have a resolution of 1920x1200 on my external monitor which is kinda HUGE compared to the screen resolution of 3200x1800 on my XPS laptop.

    Is this normal? So everything on my HDMI monitor is kinda twice the size right now...

    Does this happen for you too?

    Audio (Sound) now works flawlessly too :)


  • ok, ignore my last comment.
    I just found out that my monitor is only capable of a screen resolution of 1920x1200 ... too bad :(
    I've now disconnected the XPS screen and reduced the DPI in my window manager again.... now it looks normal again ;)

    have a great weekend everyone!!


  • I have the same setup: 4k XPS13 and FullHD external display. Fix is easy: just reduce resolution to FullHD on XPS. With my eyes I can't see any difference between FullHD and 4k on 13"
  • does anyone else have the ghosting-effect when moving the mouse cursor, or is this just me?

    it's really annoying! :'(

  • Make sure you have the latest drivers from the chip mfg from Sep 2015 or later. With these and Ubuntu 15.10 or later the D3100 should work well.

  • Alan,

    is there any package I should be looking for specifically that should be installed on my system? If so, which version?

    For the D3100 docking station I installed the latest driver from the Displaylink website (1.2.65 07 Oct 2016) 

    When I don't use the docking station at all then there is no "Ghosting effect" for my mouse cursor....


  • Hi - Not sure of the answer since I have the 2014 XPS 13 (9333).  Make sure you are on the latest everything 16.04 at least, maybe 16.10 (going to 15.10 last year made a big difference for me).

    DisplayLink drivers sound good.

    Maybe also compare on a different monitor & cables, or with a USB->hdmi converter w/o the D3100. Or, compare to another computer (possibly even Windoze?).  Pretty hard to diagnose w/o seeing it.

    Good luck!


  • which desktop are you using (unity/KDE/gnome ?)

  • Unity

  • ok, then I'm not sure. I have similar issues with KDE 5.6 (which seem to improve with KDE 5.8), but as far as I remember, I didn't have such artifacts with unity.

    On the other hand it is "well known" that the displaylink driver makes the mouse cursor flicker on the main screen, and I do have the problem with the XPS. They (displaylink) say it's not their fault, it's due to some linux driver, so this is not likely to change soon.

  • Hi to everyone,

    I just bought a Dell xp13 with a 3100 Docking station. I installed DisplayLink drivers (version 1.3.52).

    as result, my external monitor (Dell inch 27) is recognised, but it is not working. Moreover when my docking is plugged the pointer start to flickering.

    Any suggestion?

  • Hi - I have the 2014 model XPS 13 (9333) and D3100.  Please see my postings circa October 2015 on this topic.

    In short, with the current DisplayLink drivers and Ubuntu 15.10 or later (currently on 16.04 myself) it works great, esp. for 1 external monitor using the build-in mini-DP port and a 2nd external monitor on the D3100.