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XPS 13 9360: Trackpad issues?

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XPS 13 9360: Trackpad issues?

  • I just got my XPS 13 9360 today and have been using it only about 30 minutes, but find the trackpad seems to enter a state of confusion shortly after startup. It has Ubuntu on it from Dell, so expecting drivers to all be properly configured.

    After a few minutes, it goes into a state where it is perhaps thinking gestures are in use when I really just have a single finger on it (nothing else anywhere near it). Trying to move the cursor will instead result in scrolling a window, or switching applications (perhaps an alt-tab gesture). Once it does this, there is virtually no recovery except using the keyboard to navigate and to reboot.

    Has anyone else experienced this? It something I can simply fix myself, or should I RMA it? I have a 9350 with Arch as well, and never had this issue, but I also don't use gestures, so don't know if it is something that'd go away once I put my arch config on it.

  • I ended up toggling some of the mouse options for scrolling and then it seemed to be fine. I didn't dive into any xorg configs or what not.  I ended up installing Arch on it and it worked fine without any tweaking.

  • my 9360 cursor jumps erratically.  driving me crazy.  I try to type without touching it and it still happens.  

  • at least with the 9343 XPS 13 the synaptics driver was much better experience than libinput for me. (with libinput scrolling was inaccurate/a pain, see  

    when using synaptics driver, make sure to configure it as clickpad, that sorted out all erratic cursor movement for me, see also the following post for a xorg config snippet (make sure to adjust the match rule if different hardware is used)

    The touchpad still freezes occasionally (very likely when when the cat steps on it, but only very seldom in regular use):   

  • hmm. did write a lengthy reply, but it got lost after captcha, maybe because I used three links? (before there were "this forum has been turned to moderated or similar" messages, but this time it just doesn't show up)

    So short form: synaptics driver and configuring it as clickpad gave much better experience with the 9343 XPS 13, maybe it also helps for the other models. 

    Touchpad freeze still occurs, but very seldom in regular use.

    EDIT: Argh, it did show after all, so sorry for double-post..

  • I received a Dell 9360 a few weeks ago - very excited to jump over the walled garden of Apple. I had the same problem with the trackpad and even more problems with the keyboard. I made sure I wasn't hitting the trackpad while typing -- cursor would go crazy and the wrong text was in the output. There was also a blemish on the keyboard (between the 3 and 4 key).

    I lost 3 weeks of development over this "developer edition". I sent the machine back to Dell for a refund. I've lost all confidence in the brand -- this was the exact issue that send me to Apple in the first place. I have a new macbook pro now, but I'm not truly happy with this solution either. The Mac runs perfect -- but I want to run Linux and avoid Apple for ethical / philosophical reasons.

    Looking into System76 now....

    Good luck!

  • My first 24 hours with this laptop were spent angry because of the touchpad. I didn't experience the "stuck" behavior (that I can remember), but blacklisting psmouse addressed most of my gripes.

    See my posts at http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19996875

  • Still struggling with the trackpad on the XPS 13 9360. Nothing seems to solve the problem. The pointer jumps around by itself, clicks and closes applications, scrolling is erratic, the pointer disappears, etc.

    I continue to update all new drivers, tweak the settings, and still it is a nightmare.

    Definitely feel the reviews are biased, and XPS 13 with its terrible trackpad and keyboard is only gaining points in its *** appeal in the looks department.

    I wish I got an X1 Carbon or an LG Gram instead. Terrible.

  • Also had a similar problem with the XPS 9550 touchpad in Ubuntu. Turns out the issue is that two touchpads are detected. I solved it by ignoring the PS/2 one

    You can try putting the following in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf

    Section "InputClass"

      Identifier     "disable duplicate touchpad"

      MatchProduct   "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad"

      Option         "Ignore" "on"


  • @Malshafey,

    If you have already followed the directions at the below link and still have the same issue, you can send me a friend request and we can start an official support case together.


    Justin C

    Dell Technical Support L3 | Project Sputnik

    Dell Support is also on Twitter! https://twitter.com/DellCaresPRO


  • Everything guys commented is not working out well for me.

    I'm xps 13 developer edition(9360) user, Is there any solution to resolve trackpad issue?

  • I don't know about bias, but the reviewers probably just assume the trackpad is configurable, and so don't spend much thought on its operation. After all, it really is dumbfounding that such a brick of a trackpad is included in this "top of the line" laptop.

    But then there's the "let's start a private conversation" thing that Dell customer service and support people seem to encourage on these forums, likely as a matter of policy or training. That could be a way to siphon some of the negative comments off public forums. Like filing a police report for a car break-in. You know they're not going to actually do anything, it's just to make you feel good.

  • Hi @piattj,

    Im sorry to hear about your frustrating experience, let me go over this with the team and then either Justin and I will get back to you.

    With regards to the setting up of private conversations, the reason we do this is to make sure we keep sensitive client-specific information private.  Once we've set up a conversation via direct message we then open up support tickets to track the issue.  This ensure that the issue  gets visibility throughout our support teams. .

    Stay tuned!

    Barton George

  • Hey guys, please make your solution public asap.

    Just received my new XPS13 9360 DE with the same trackpad issues. Tried the sodu nano approach provided, with no success.

    This should not be happening on a 'top line' laptop. If this keeps on posing an issue, I will have to return my XPS and opt for a X1 Carbon instead...

  • The touchpad works well with libinput 1.8, kernel 4.12.0-rc7 in Fedora 26.

    If anyone with 9333, 9343, 9350, or 9360 issues lives near me, I'll happily meet up to help in person.