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Gathering interest on official Ubuntu support for Precision M3800

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Gathering interest on official Ubuntu support for Precision M3800

  • As Barton George suggested here:

    I'm starting a new thread to gather interest from users about an official Dell Ubuntu support on the Precision M3800.

    The preliminary results shown here look very promising:

    I should buy today a Precision M3800 with Ubuntu preinstalled if it was available. And you?

  • I would buy one today.

    It would even be better without useless touchscreen (but I would buy it anyway).

  • I would really love to have this system pre-installed with Ubuntu and be officially a part of the Sputnik project.  Either the XPS 15/M3800 would be great (as far as I can tell they are pretty much identical, but with a few internal hardware differences).  It might be worth waiting until 14.04 comes out though, since 12.04 as pointed out in the article does not support some of the hardware in the system (not yet at least), but I also don't think it will be able to take advantage of the higher resolution screen as well either.  Since Ubuntu is also developing their mobile OS (Ubuntu Touch) there will probably be more work on making it resolution independent, and I imagine some of that might be in 14.04.

  • Trist would be a great addition to the sputnik family, and I can assure you it would sell a few copies in our company.

  • Definitive interested in an Precision M3800 or XPS 15 9530 with official Linux Support !

    Then it could be THE laptop for Linux and Blender !

  • I have a lot of interest in the M3800 (or XPS 15) + Ubuntu (both Haswell).

    I don't know why Dell does not sell the XPS 15 Haswell (do they think we are stupid enough to buy the old processor ?).

    I do not want to use Windows and I don't want to risk my money running Ubuntu because nobody can tell me (or does not want to)  if the resolution of  QHD+ (3 200 x 1 880) will not make everything too small... I don't want to use a magnifier glass ! :-)

    Kind regards,


  • Dell does not sell the xps haswell in Belgium... Of course you can have it in the USA...

  • I have the exact same question: how does Ubuntu look like on the  QHD+ (3 200 x 1 880) screen.

    Does someone have the answer?

  • @houdini68, the XPS 13 dev edition with Haswell will be coming to Belgium soon.

    Barton George

  • There is some progress to support HiDPI in gnome:

  • Also interesting:

  • I would buy a Precision M3800 with Ubuntu pre-installed today. In fact, I might buy a Precision M3800 over the XPS 13 DE this upcoming Friday or Monday. 

  • fully agreed!  As I told Barton, I had all but ordered a MacBook replacement to my aged Dell 1545 laptop.  The XPS13 DE is just too limited for multimedia IMHO.  The M3800 with full Ubuntustudio capability would be an instant win!  If it comes 14.04, consider me sold.

  • I already have bought the m3800 with QHD+ and will be putting ubuntu 13.10 on it once it arrives.  However it would be great to have official support from it.  Additionally it would be REALLY GREAT if we could get linux support for the D3000 Super speed usb 3 dock (which is really a displayLink compatibility issue), since the m3800 will not have another dock options. I will probably be returning the D3000 since I can't get the displays to work with it.

  • M3800+Ubuntu would be great at my company although we might install Fedora or other distros over it on some of them. We already have a new XPS 15 for Windows development and are planning to get some M3800s soon.

    Idea: Offer a variant without discrete nVidia GPU but with an Iris Pro 5200 CPU like the MBP. This simplifies setup on Linux for good battery life without much loss in 3D graphics power. My understanding is that bumblebee is not trouble-free yet. This probably means a motherboard/thermal redesign but it could be a popular option for Windows also.