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  • I have been using Dell XPS 13 for the last 3 months.  I have bought Dell XPS 13 with windows edition and did clean install of Ubuntu 12.10.  I have added the PPA manually.

    Issues that I am facing:

      1.) Fully charged battery lasts only for 3 hours. ( Bluetooth Disabled, WIFI Enabled).  Many them has posted that the battery life is quite impressive.

      2.) In Last 3 months Laptop got shutdown abruptly twice.  This happens only when cooling Fan makes more noise and it shutdown abruptly  after sometime

      3.) I couldn't hibernate my PC.  Hibernate button is disabled.

    I need to verify the PPA that I have added manually is correct r not. Please advice on this.

  • Hi Brag,

    I don't know if it is useful for you, but Twirrim tweetted this


    7 hours of battery life is awesome...

    Tell us if it works.

  • I am using a Dell XPS 13 with Dell's distro of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.  (I'm actually afraid to upgrade).

    My problem is with the Bluetooth mice not reconnecting once you wake up from hibernation.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Does Dell know that it is a problem?

  • This forum might better be realized as a Google+ community dedicated to Linux on ultrabooks in general.  It does not seem like Dell intends to provide any fixes for problems with Ubuntu on the XPS 13.  It seems they are just saying "discuss among yourselfs and figure it out".

  • Hi Gantry,

    We are a small but passionate group supporting Sputnik at Dell and we read all the posts and weigh in when we get a chance. Ill forward your Bluetooth mouse issue to the right Dell/Canonical folk.  That being said, the best way to get issues "officially" recognized is by calling support.  

    Thanks for choosing Sputnik!

    Barton George

  • Gantry,

    Kent from Canonical is going to give a look at

    Barton George

  • Hi Gantry,

    I've tested this as well on a pre-loaded XPS13 with Ubuntu 12.04.  Before testing I fully updated the system via apt-get.  

    Kernel currently in use: 3.2.0-40-generic #64+kamal15-DellXPS-Ubuntu

    I connected a logitech bluetooth laser mouse to the laptop, ensured it was working and then ran through 5 hibernate cycles with the laptop.   Upon wakeup, the bluetooth mouse can re-connect every time.  It might take a second or two at the very worst for it to reconnect after waking up for me, but, it so far works reliably.    Does yours not reconnect at all?  What about other bluetooth devices?

    As Barton said, the forums are good places to share ideas and collaborate about possible issues, however, if you believe there is a problem that needs fixing, then you should have 1 year of Dell ProSupport with your machine at a minimum if you bought it pre-loaded from Dell.  Dell support also has ways to reach out to us (Canonical) if the issue appears to be widespread and related to the operating system and not the hardware.  Also, if you didn't buy the system pre-loaded and are running into issues or if you simply think there is a bug in the OS, please feel free to file a report here:


  • Hi there,

    I'm having the same problems using a Microsoft Wedge Bluetooth Touch Mouse paired with an XPS13  running 12.04.

    What I've noticed is that it does connect for a split second when I try to move the mouse around and then immediately disconnects.

    On the Bluetooth dialog in System Settings, I can see the Connection toggle button flip on and off when I move the mouse.

    Just to make sure it wasn't the mouse I made sure the battery in the mouse is new as well.

    Otherwise, everything has been great!


  • @bowlman,

    Thanks for the information.  You'll most likely need to try filing a bug at the launchpad link above and include the following:

    1) Whether the system is pre-loaded with 12.04

    2) kernel information (via the 'uname -a' command)

    3) Exact steps to reproduce the problem

    4) BIOS level on the system

    The XPS 13 with the factory image on my sample along with the latest sputnik kernel doesn't reproduce with the logitech mouse that I have.  It takes a split second to re-connect after a hibernate but stays connected afterward.   I'll need to check the bluetooth status to see if the toggle is flailing but I'm pretty sure bluetooth stays 'on' as well.  

  • I tried another factory-preloaded XPS13 with Ubuntu 12.04 (non-FHD model).   This one has also been fully updated with apt-get.

    This machine has the same bluetooth adapter as the one I tested yesterday.  Once again, my Logitech bluetooth mouse does not have any issues re-connecting after a resume from hibernate.  Again, it takes about a second at the most for the device to reconnect, but, after that it stays connected.  Bluetooth status also remains solidly in the 'on' position.  No thrashing back and forth between off and on.

  • My sputnik from last fall has never had issues with Bluetooth. I use an Apple trackpad and a Motorola SD10 headset without any issues.