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Only Ubuntu 12.04

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Only Ubuntu 12.04

  • Is there only a ISO for the Ubuntu 12.04 release or is there also a 12.10 release planned (or supported in the PPAs)? E.g, If I want to upgrade, form the Suptnik ISO 12.04 to 12.10, the kernel will be overwritten...

  • I imagine they'll want us to stay on 12.04 to work out any kinks before upgrading to 12.10. There are other major changes in 12.10 (ie, Python defaults to v3 instead of v2) which will require other chef recipes to work around once people do start upgrading.

  • Thanks! I saw that only the PPA for the kernel has a 12.10 support:

    So the hardware should work on 12.10!

  • Indeed, the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 ("Quantal") works quite well on the XPS 13.

    I'm Kamal from Canonical, the maintainer of the Sputnik kernel PPA.

    The official Sputnik image and Sputnik 3.2 kernel are still based on Ubuntu 12.04 ("Precise"), but I also provide the 3.5-based Sputnik kernel in the same PPA for the convenience of anyone who wants to experiment with the in-development Ubuntu 12.10 ("Quantal") release.

    Also note that the kernel patches which have comprised the Sputnik kernel are getting integrated bit by bit into the standard Ubuntu kernels.  As of next week, all of the patches should be integrated into the 3.5-based Quantal kernel.

  • Thank you Kamal, nice to hear that!

  • Kamal,

    Where I can download official Sputnik image? I was looking for the image with Dell specific packages (to boot and produce the welcome home, for instance).

  • The (Ubuntu 12.04-based) Sputnik ISO is available here:

    Note that the Sputnik ISO is now over a year old and all of the kernel features it supplies have since been integrated into standard the Ubuntu kernel, making Ubuntu 13.04 a good choice if you're planning to install Ubuntu yourself on an XPS 13.

  • Kamal, I have just ordered an XPS 13 with Windows 7, (I could not order the developer version)

    Based on your previous reply, Is it safe to install 13.04?  Does the back lighting now work and the dim screen issues have been resolved?