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Sputnik Launchpad Page A Little Lifeless?

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Sputnik Launchpad Page A Little Lifeless?

  • Hello all.

    According to the beta program agreement, we were told to post bugs and such on the Launchpad page: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dell-sputnik . However, everyone seems to be posting things here and the launchpad page seems to only have a few things posted with what seems to be very few views and no responses.

    Are Dell developers looking at that page? Should I instead be listing bugs/patches/etc. here?

  • Good question. I'm also curious how often they're looking at pull requests on github as well.

  • Wait they have stuff on Github? Where? Sputnik devs: We really want to help you, but we can't unless you let us!

  • Chef cookbooks here:


    See this thread for instructions:



    Some other OEM-related Chef stuff, haven't looked too much into it yet